The show will see the sights of hubbub lanes and by-lanes of Karol Bagh and Lajpat Nagar, the lip-smacking food corners in Bengali market, the vastness of Pragati Maidan, picturesque India Gate and Parliament House, Delhi University and many such frames that essentially collaborate the essence of Delhi and also form an important part of any middle-class family that resides in the Capital. '12/ 24 Karol Bagh' is the first ever show on Indian Television to be shot completely in Delhi. So far, channels have only portrayed families residing in different parts of the country while the shows are pre-dominantly shot in Mumbai. To maintain the authentic flavour of the Capital, Zee TV decided to station the entire production unit in Delhi. Besides maintaining the regional feel, the motive for Zee TV to bring its newest show to the Capital is to expand the boundaries of the Indian television industry outside Mumbai. After having delivered great concepts like 'Agle Janam Mohe Bitiyan Hi Kijo', 'Aap Ki Antara' and 'Dance India Dance', '12/24 Karol Bagh' is another fresh offering from Zee TV's Creative team. The show is being produced by 'Sunshine Productions'.

Banwari Taneja.

Role:Rajinder Sethi

Rajinder Sethi is a honest, simple middle-class man who travels by his two-wheeler to sit at his shop every single day. Manju is a more practical worldly wise woman who keeps the family going with her positive attitude. Rajinder Sethi and his wife Manju live with their son and three daughters in a 50-year-old house situated in the bylanes of Karol Bagh in Central Delhi.

Alka Amin.

Role:Manju Sethi

Manju is the wife of Rajinder Sethi, a honest and simple man who lives in a 50-year-old house situated in the bylanes of Karol Bagh in Central Delhi. Manju is Rajinder's pillar of strength and supports him through all the tough times he faces. She is a practical, worldly wise woman who keeps the family going with her positive attitude.

Smriti Kalra.

Role:Simi Sethi

The eldest of the four Sethi siblings is Simi (28). She has crossed her ”marriageable age” and the pressure to get her married soon looms large on the Sethi family. Simi is a soft spoken and warm-natured girl. Despite this Simi is often rejected by her prospective grooms. She too has rejected a few grooms in the past. Simi suffers from her own bouts of insecurties as she is plump and feels judged because of that. Later, Simi finds herself in a relationship with Abhinav. The only problem is that he is younger than her and also is her sister-in-law's younger brother. The relationship, though perfect, is taboo.

Waseem Mushtaq/

Role:Anuj Sethi

Anuj Sethi is the second sibling out of the four. He works in a bank as he refused to take up his father's business. He has always had minor differences with his father whether it is about his career or his marriage. Anuj loves his family but has a streak of selfishness in him. Especially, when it comes to his marriage and choice of girl/ decisions in life. He is unable to do much for them or have a say in matters. He has been in a relationship with Anita for about two years now. Anita belongs to a much more financially well off family than what Anuj belongs to.

Sargun Mehta.

Role:Neetu Sethi

Neetu Sethi is the third sibling out of the four. She is a bright and bubbly girl with not too many ambitions in life except wanting to get married soon! She loves shopping, dressing up and looking good and loves the consequent stares that she gets from men. She consider the stares a compliment. She has her own notions about life, all centering around stars and glamour and hopes to be married to the likes of Ranbir Kapoor one day. Her arranged marriage into a rich Punjabi family seems like the beginning of a dream to her. The groom is an effervescent young man Vicky, who is liked by all. However, Neetu soon realizes that he is a rolling stone. He hasn't figured out what he wants to do in life and flits from business to business, often failing. Situations bring Neetu to a crossroad where she has to work to keep her family going.

Hunar Halli.

Role:Mili Sethi

The youngest sibling, Mili (21), simply wants to rise above the middle-class clutter. She is a bold girl, focused on making something of her life. She knows the value of money as she has seen her family struggle. Thus she ends up working very early in life, doing odd jobs in fast food restaurants while pursuing a career in designing alongside. Mili is the smartest and most perceptive of all siblings. She is also a complete no-nonsense person. No guy dares to mess with her. Mili often gives priority to material things over relationships. However, in the bargain loses out on a beautiful future with a young man Mohit who comes to stay as a PG in their house and falls in love with her.

Neil Bhatt.

Role:Abhinav Tarneja

Abhinav (23) Anita's brother Anuj's brother in law and Simi's love interestl A student in IMA in Ahmedabad

Manit Joura.