In the background of poverty, the extreme sacrifices that Laali makes is a moving story. This seventeen year old girl lives with her parents and her younger siblings in a village called Koyna in Bihar. They come from a low cast background and by profession are rat killers or ‘Musahars’ who help the Zamindars to protect their land and homes from infestation. The father scrapes together a small income and the girl does odd jobs around the village to support him. And like any other girl her age, she also dreams of a happy life after her marriage to a man who loves her. So will her dreams ever come true after a life of struggle and disappointments? Will her father be able to fulfill his daughter’s desires after he has seen her give up her childhood to help him meet ends?

Sudesh Berry.

Role:Thakur Loha Singh

Thakur Loha Singh is an arrogant and opportunistic man whose ego sores above the sky. He only does things as he pleases. He almost rules over the village. He has no respect for the women of the house and no one has any say in his decision.

Tuhinaa Vohra.


Laali's mother (played by Tuhina Vora) is like a typical village housewife, attached to her husband and four children. All that the simple and caring woman is concerned about is a square meal for her children. She deeply loves her eldest daughter Laali and dreams of being able to see off her daughter to her husband's place one day. Struck by the vagaries of time and extreme poverty, she often goes hungry and feeds whatever little available to her children and husband. Laali's mother stands as a strong support to her husband and readily sacrifices her happiness for him.

Surbhi Tiwari.


Nandini shoulders household responsibilities but does not get the respect she deserves. Nandini has twin daughters and is often looked down upon as she has not given a heir to the family.

Karan Mehra.


After a long wait, Ganeshiya has been finally revealed. Karan Mehra who plays Ganeshiya is quite excited about the role. Karan essays the role of Laali's real husband. Destiny had something else in store for Laali. Now Ganeshiya is scheduled to marry Laali's younger sister Rekha.

Rupa Ganjuly.


Kaushalya is a quiet, motherly, cultured and religious woman who takes care of the family. She is petrified of her husband and follows all his orders.

Shushmita Mukherji.


Gangiya is the head matron of the house. A cunning and manipulative woman, she helps Loha Singh in trafficking young girls. She has a young daughter by name Jamuni.

Sachal Tiwari.


Ranvijay is the eldest son of Loha Singh. He is rude, arrogant and very short-tempered. He assists his father in trafficking girls as well as looks after their business. His father does not hold him in high regard as he has two daughters and has not been able to give the family a heir.

Ratan Rajput.


Abhishek Rawal


Rajshekar is the youngest son of Loha Singh. He is a typical male who is of the dominating type. His ego and short tempered behavior always makes him go against his parents.