Rajiv Mehta.

Role:Arvind Thakkar

The eldest son of Labhshankar and Godavari Thakkar, he is the Santa Claus of the family. He is a spoilsport, as well as an over-sensitive and boring person. He loves his family and has a record of all the important dates in the family. He started helping his mother at a very early age in the family business and hates his father as he believes that he made him lose his childhood. He also has his differences with his third brother as he also chose theatre as his profession and is very popular among the women including his wife. When asked to dress up for a fancy dress party as part of Saumil's first wish, he put on a different coloured checked shirt, and waved his hand frantically. Upon being asked who he was pretending to be by his confused wife and daughter, he got angry and said he was the insurance broker he shares his desk with. Has an annoying, and rather frightening habit of grunting hah whenever someone says anything funny or remotely interesting. Only listens to Baa.

Jamnadas Majethia.

Role:Harshad Thakkar

The fifth son of Labhshankar and Godavri is a doctor by profession. He has not been living with the family for the past five years because of the conflict of interests between his mother and his wife Shilpa. He is a child specialist and his wife a gynecologist. Together they run a small hospital and has attained a good amount of success. His only worry is that his children are missing the joys of his joint family.

Rajesh Kumar

Role:Subodh Thakkar

The ladies' man, every woman in the family would like to have a husband like him. A die hard romantic with a great sense of humour and great love for his wife makes this man very popular in the household. Although in a profession like theatre he has no vices and is the loving brother to Gattu the youngest of his brothers.

Paresh Ganatra

Role:Pravin Thakkar

The second child of the family, Pravin's first and only love is money. He never contributes to any money-related crises, but will always grab a chance at making money. Owns a small sari(dress) business. Because of his tight-fistedness his wife Pravina and brother Subodh often con him into giving money to them for family purposes.

Saruta Joshi.

Role:Godavari “Baa” Thakkar

She is the wife of Labhshankar Thakkar and the queen bee of the Thakkar household. Managed everything from bringing up the kids to ruling the kitchen with absolute ease. She ran the household with a business she set up. She inherited her father's house and the family stays there as her brother has settled in the US. She is a good judge of people but do not permit anyone to cross the line she has set for the members of her family.

Suchitra Trivedi

Role:Meenakshi Thakkar

The wife of Subodh. She is an obidient wife but a very misunderstood sister and daughter-in-law. Although she does whatever to please and help the family because she is naïve she is easily fooled. Hence everyone ignores her and keeps a distance. She also has a bad sense of dressing. Her eight year old daughter is very special to her but she even dresses up the kid very funnily. Shares a good rapport with Leela and Pravina. She is deeply religious, believes in fasting (almost every day), crying (constantly) and doing everything (albeit unintentionally it seems) incredibly slowly, earning her the sarcastic nickname Kolkata Express from Pravina. Drives her family mad with her uncontrollable crying, and complete lack of understanding of the outside world.

Kamlesh Oza

Role:Hemal Thakker

Son of Godavri's sister-in-law's sister, works in a call centre and is very adventurous. He helps his brothers when they are in need and is very focused. He falls in love with a girl who Godavri does not like but she finally gives him permission to go ahead and marry her as she does not want to lose another son.

Sonali Sachdeva

Role:Dr. Shilpa Thakkar

She is a mother of two and the wife of Harshad. Her ambition to run a hospital got her and her husband out of the house. Her mother is a good friend of Godavri.

Amit Varma.


He is a dreamer and romantic person by nature and also quite passionate about painting. He has been painting a girl of his dreams without knowing who she is but when he sees Baby he realizes that she is the girl of his imagination and falls in love with her.

Siddharth Jadhav


A drama artist turned cook when the company shut down is very adamant that the family pronounce his name as Rajja and not Raja. He loves singing and dancing and even work does not stop him from doing so. All the women in the family love him but his song and dance routine during work hours get them all irritated.