Baa Bahu Aur Baby.
Baa Bahoo Aur Baby is made by Aatish Kapadia and JD Majethia (of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai and Instant Khichdi fame). It presents the hues of life packed with high emotions, temperaments, idiosyncrasies of real people and even more real situations. This is the story of Godavari Thakker and her family consisting of 6 sons, 2 daughters and their spouses and children. Godavari who hails from a very rich family, lives in her father's huge mansion, given to her by her brothers who are settled in America. She is married to Labhshankar Thakkar, an alcoholic, whose passion for art and theatre makes him a patron of art, but a good for nothing in the eyes of his wife. The authoritative matriarch, has worked very hard to raise her 8 children and is very proud of her achievement, she never misses to flaunt. She strongly believes that either you can rule the kitchen or rule the office. She of course prefers the kitchen, her own familiar world, and rules it with iron hands. Godavari's family and its problems are no different from any middle class family residing in this busy city of Mumbai. While the men are at work, (theirs is no family business) the women are busy doing their bit to run the house and also win over the goodwill of their Baa (mother-in-law).

Dolly Minhas

Dolly Minhas, one of the most talked about debuts in television this season is the firang looking girl in Aisa Des Hai Mera on Sony TV.

Manva Naik.

Role:Dimple Thakkar

The eldest grand daughter in the family (born to Leela and Arvind). She is a student of fashion design and cares about Baby a lot. She hates it when the family gives in to every one of baby's demands as she believes that it makes Baby weaker. She is loved by her family and finds it very funny when her father and grand father fight. Her mother dreams of getting her married to a rich boy from US. She in love with Anish, a rich Indian from America.

Benaf Dadachanji.

Role:Radhika Baby Thakkar

The seventh and youngest child. She has polio and is on crutches. Strong-willed, righteous yet rebellious, she is known as junior jogmaiya (instructor/leader/sergeant) by her siblings (the senior jogmaiya being Baa), because of her strong attitude and fear of no one. She is the only one who has the guts to stand up to Baa. She secretly loves Anish.

Lubna Salim

Role:Leela Thakkar

The lively and daydreaming wife of Arvind. liked by everyone, she is always jovial and ready for a good old gossip. She and her younger sister-in-law or devrani Pravina are always hatching schemes against Baa's wishes to try and modernise the house or get out of doing work. Fashion-conscious and educated, she wishes to move to America one day and see her daughter Dimple happily married to Anish. Often clashes with her sister-in-law Charubala, who lives in the town (as opposed to the Thakkar's in the suburbs) and tries to glorify this superior lifestyle in every way.

Deven Bhojwani.

Role:Gopal “Gattu” Thakkar

He is the sixth child . He is mentally retarded, and has no job as he failed primary school. Plays with the kids. His innocent nature, combined with his continuous desire to eat, make him one of the public's favourite characters.

Nitin Vakharia.

Role:Tushar Bhayani

The infuriating husband of Charubala, he cracks painful jokes which only he and his wife find funny. Seems to have no purpose in life apart from annoying his in-laws. No one can stand him, but he has proved himself useful in difficult situations due to his power and contacts, and did a lot of work to get a surgeon for Saumil's surgery.

Arvind Vaidya.

Role:Labhshankar Thakkar

The artistic yet highly unhelpful husband of Godavari Thakkar, Labhshankar is a drunkard who, when the family lived in poverty (his children were pre-teen), did nothing to help and never got a job. Because of this he is despised by his eldest son, Arvind, who lost his childhood as he tried to help his mother in bringing up his brothers and sisters. Has improved recently with the increased involvement in Gattu's and Saumil's welfare, but his old habits remain.

Shweta Keswani

Role:Gurinder Gudiya Chaddha Thakkar

Honey Chhaya

Role:Nursi Kaka

Famous for never having smiled in many years, Narsi Kaka helps around the house. Grumbles and moans constantly, and is likened to Arvind in that he always goes to Baa to complain about something or other.

Menka Lalwani

Played the role of Rimjhim girlfriend of Jigar in Baa Bahu aur Baby