Navin Saini.


Mama-Mami's son, Ragini brother. He is very selfish and looks out for himself only. He doesn't care of anyone else. He keeps lying to his parents that he earns very less, just so that they don't ask him for any financial help. He works in the Rajvansh industries which is a secret to his family members except his wife and Sadhana.Naveen Rajvansh tricked him to sign a 2 Crore deal with another company.Naveen told his uncle (Alekh's father)about this and blamed him.Naveen told Vasundhra about it and Vasundhra,furious,calls the police,goes to Vinu's home and arrests him.Just as he is caught, he runs away from home.

Preeti Puri.


The eldest bahu of Rajvansh family - Naveen's wife, Selfish always ready to create some trouble for Sadhana but it backfires, she is equally involved with her husband Naveen in all his bad deeds and Hera Pheri, she also provokes Malti so that it affects Sadhana indirectly. She dreams of being next Vasundhara and acts like her in Vasundhara's absence. One can see clear transition in her character - when she is with people of lower status she flaunts and acts like Vasundhara and in front of Vasundhara she becomes a meek and obedient follower.

Mahesh Thakur.

Role:Kishan Chand (Sadhna's father)

He is an artist by profession. He looses his wife, as he couldn’t pay hefty hospital bills when she was ill, so leaves India to earn money, so that his daughter doesn’t face any financial problems in life. A self made man and his only dream is to see his daughter’s bidaai. He is grateful to his brother-in-law Prakash, as he was the only one who came forward to help him in his time of grief. Although he hasn’t seen Sadhana, he is in touch with her through phone conversations, letters and he sends gifts and drafts for her.

Vimarsh Roshan.

Role:Naveen Rajvansh

Naveen Rajvansh play the role of negative guy who is very ambitious and business minded yet sly. His aunt and uncle are quite dominating in the family because of which he wants to take over the business. All in all he is the bad guy in the serial.

Puneet Tejwani.

Role:Dr. Shlok

Dr. Shlok (Maalti's brother, Alekh Rajvansh's childhood friend)

Aruna Singhal.

Role:Malti's mother

Like Malti, is often arguing with Naniji and is lazy. she always says in hindi bhagwan jut na bolaye

Natasha Rana.

Role:Ambika Rajvansh

Chotima who is very much liked by Alekh.

Aliraza Namdar.

Role:Satyandra Rajvansh

Satyandra Rajvansh is a younger brother of Indrajit Rajvansh and a father of Naveen.

Amardeep Jha.


She is Mamiji's (Kausalya) mom. She comes to visit the family at times. And when she does, she keeps poisoning Mamiji's mind against Sadhana.. telling her that Ragini's life will be ruined because of Sadhana.