Dil Mil Gaye.

Dill Mill Gayye is a show aimed at the urban educated youth. Set in the backdrop of a hospital it deals with the pressures, the drama, the romance, the inter personal relationships and humour in the lives of young doctors. Keeping the environment of a hospital in mind, the characters of the show are real, their issues are believable and the approach is dramatic, but never unreal, albeit emotional and fun filled. Hence, our protagonist Riddhima is a 21-year-old intern with dreams and aspirations of becoming a top class doctor. like any other youngster of today, she has spunk and the spirit to have fun. What sets her apart is her ability to ride through the roughest storms relying on the honesty and integrity, which has been a part of her upbringing. Riddhimma has all the ingredients of being a competent yet compassionate doctor and her faith never falters when following the right path be it a complex medical case or a real life situation. Also, alongside Riddhima we have some other young characters, representing the wide and varied lifestyles in India. The spitfire, focused and at times selfish Anjali, the rich, charming and laid-back lover boy Armaan, the anxious to please very Gujrati and a middle class girl Sapna and the always sweet appealing to all girls is Atul. These 4 along with Riddhima will take us through the various ups- and downs of todays focused yet fun filled youth.

Karan singh Grover.

Role:Dr Armaan Mallik

22 year old Armaan represents the new age man; one who is self confident, efficient, cheeky and occasionally even smug. He is also extremely handsome and gives the impression of being a skirt chaser. He enjoys female company and makes no bones about the fact that he has a weakening knee effect on women. He is used to being the centre of female attention and also knows how to sustain that attention when he does receive it. Armaan comes from an affluent family and has never wanted for anything materialistic ever in his life. But beneath the suave and confident exterior lies a focussed doctor, whose sole aim is to outgrow the stigma of being the son of an alcoholic anaesthesiologist.

Gennifer Winget

Role:Dr.Riddhima Gupta

Sweta Gulati.

Role:Dr. Nikki

She is a new intern at the hospital and also friends with Dr. Armaan.

Amit Tandon.

Role:Dr. Abhimanyu Modi

The new COS of Sanjeevani, he is here to solve the financial crisis faced by the hospital. He fires Dr. Keerthi as a result of budget cuts and seems to rub the interns in the wrong way with his brash manner.


Role:Dr. Muskaan Grewal

She is a middle-class Punjabi girl who came to Mumbai to escape her parents' insistence on marriage. A cheerful, fun-loving person who is the wife Dr. Rahul Grewal. She once had a crush on Armaan Malik but later developed feelings for Rahul, her colleague at Sanjeevani and childhood friend.

Pankit Thakker.

Role:Dr Atul Joshi

A lovable character, Atul is the best guy friend a girl can ever have, without ever making him a real boy friend. He is a good natured, easy going boy, who has become a doctor to fulfill the wish of his dead father, who is part of Sanjeevani alumni. His father worshiped Sanjeevani and Shashank Gupta and he has come to the place of his father's worship to pay his tribute t the man who adopted him. He is always treated like one of the girls when girlie talks are being discussed. When he realizes certain people cannot be changed, he takes mater into his own hands and empties trash, puts cups in trash and carries his own porcelain cup so that the use of Styrofoam cups in Sanjeevani can be reduced.

Karan Wahi.

Role:Dr Siddhant Modi

smart and spoilt brat from a filthy rich NRI family. Everybody is a doctor in his family, so he has been sent to India to get real and focused. But for Sid life is a one big PS3 game. He is never serious about anything in life and has a general disregard for everything. He didn't want to become a doctor as it takes a lot of hard work. A complete gadget freak wants to get out of this filth and go back to his high life in Houston. Sid loves to flirt but will never commit, he is an overgrown temperamental kid. The shrew who needs to be tamed. But he is capable of being brilliant because with minimal effort he does well.

Neha Jhulkar.

Role:Dr Naina Mehta

Naina is from a rich but orthodox gujju family and is the youngest of six siblings. But she's not the one to compromise on anything -she'll work her way around all stuff. She is a convincing and a shameless liar, but does not to hurt anyone. Her parents want to arrange her marriage but she is interested in her career. She always maintains a dual identity leaving home wearing a salwar kameez and transforming into spaghetti straps and minis. Always high on energy and life like a firebrand and bindaas. Is a chatterbox and slightly dumb. Loves trying out new things and experimenting. She has a point to prove to herself which makes her rebellious in a positive way.

Sehban Azim.

Role:Dr Yuvraaj

He is a middle class boy with a modern outlook. Has the responsibility of his family on him with a working mother and a younger sister. Life for him is a series of discoveries. He is serious and focused and believes that medical practice is not only a science but also an art. He has a wicked sense of humor full with one liners and wise cracks. Always takes stands and has opinions making him the most balanced and matured person amongst all the other interns. You can always put your money on his future. He goes on to become Dr Shashank's proxy guy - but little does anyone know. That he hides as a deep secret.

Muskan Mihani.

Role:Dr Sapna Shah

She is a simple girl from a simple, yet reasonably rich Gujrati household. She is the youngest of three daughters and her father always encouraged her to do what she wanted. Having seen her older sisters married off and straddled with bawling children early in their life, she escaped in the direction of a possible career, with the intention that it would be a legitimate excuse for the family to delay her marriage. Her mother is possessive and she is always trying to make excuses for her mothers over domineering and loving over indulgence. She gets a dabba full of Gujrathi food, large enough to feed all the interns. And she has to very often leave work early, or keep Friday evenings free to meet a potential match.