Mohnish Behl.

Role:Dr Shashank Gupta

He is the head of Sanjivanii hospital and has spent his entire career as a doctor for this hospital and its patients. He is considered a 'God' in the world of surgery and all interns wait for an opportunity to assist him in the operation theater. Dr Shanshank is an idol not only for interns but also other resident doctors of Sanjivani. Dr Shashank's two daughters Riddhima and Anjali are world to him and all he wants is to see his daughters become competent doctors. Both Riddhima and Anjali come to Sanjivani to do their internship but get no special treatment for being the daughters of the head of the hospital.

Sonia Singh

Role:Dr. Kirti

Shilpa Anand.

Role:Dr Riddima Gupta

Riddhima is a 21 year old, warm hearted, kind and good-natured girl. This single most important thing in her life along with being a good human being is her dream to make her father, Shashank Gupta proud off her achievements in the medical arena. She is intelligent and modern in her outlook to life, and yet respects and represents all the core Indian values. Quick to forgive and forget, at the same time she will not take blatant injustice lying down. Riddhima's weak spot is Anjali, as she allows Anjali to always get the better from her, but that again is not a sign of her weakness. She does so simply because her nature is amenable to everything. Yet, there is one person, an intern like her in Sanjeevani, who manages to get a rise out of the generally very easy going Riddhima. How much ever Riddhima tries to ignore Armnaan, she unexplainably cannot.

Sukirti Kandpal.

Role:Riddhima Gupta

Sunaina Gulia.

Role:Dr Anjali Gupta

Anjali at 22, is Shashank's older daughter and is basically one who is used to having her way. Extremly beautiful, she is quiet conscious of her looks and not above using them .She is manipulative and conniving. In addition she is also academically intelligent, making her a god doctor in her own right, though she is never a favourite amongst the patience, owing to her to-the-point attitude. Her ultimate aim is to be the head of the organisation Sanjeevani, as it means that she will have power, respectability. And it will declare her as the fitting heir apparent to Shashank's legacy. She will employ all the methods of saam, daam, dand and bhed to get whatever she sets her eyes on. Anjali's manipulative ways are most obvious in the way she handles her sister Riddhima.

Mayank Anand.

Role:Dr. Rahul Garewal

He is a smart,once-ugly new intern from Sanjeevani Amritsar.He was in Armaan's college and was a complete champu.Everyone in the college would have-the-time laugh at him and all the girls would roam around with Armaan,which he hated.He liked one girl-'Sonia'in his college who in turn liked Armaan.He is now in Sanjeevani and is out to trouble Armaan. Though he does have a soft corner too though it isnt evident always.Starts to have feelings for Muskaan

Vinita Malik.


She is the mother of Shashank Gupta, and grandmother of Anjali and Riddhima, she helped raise the girls after the death of their mother.

Shilpa Tulskar.

Role:Padma Gupta

A former nurse of Sanjeevani, now wife of Shashank Gupta and mother to Anjali and Riddhima.

Prasad Barve.

Role:Jitendra Prasad

A loud and colorful character with a Bhojpuri accent. He is from Uttar Pradesh and was his city's topper. He made his city proud and considers himself as the hero among the new interns. But in reality everyone finds him annoying. He talks in broken English. His goof ups will always land him in trouble. He will provide comic relief to the viewers. Dreams of having his perfect girl who he calls as 'flowerji'.

Ayaz Khan.

Role:Dr. Shubanker

One of the senior doctors who assists Shashank and is often seen with the guy interns in one of their schemes. His love interest is Dr. Keerthi.