Karan Paranjpe.


He's the happy-go-lucky friend of Naina on whom he has a crush but she never realizes this. He is the other comic relief in the show. Teaming up with JP and Sid, he comes up with wild, wacky plans to help Sid in his endeavour to win over Tamanna. He also is the Watson to Naina's Sherlock Holmes and accompanies her on her jaunts across town to decipher the mystery of Yuvi.

Moulshri Sachdev.

Role:Dr.Tamana Patil

A girl with middle class moralities. She is focused on her career and doesn't get distracted. She is the reliable and responsible daughter of her parents. Tamana has a high sense of justice, is simple yet smart, sensitive and compassionate. She is the star of her chawl. She is always seen in salwar kameez with distinct style and look. On her rests the hopes dreams of her family.