It is a story of a girl, Archana, who though is not highly educated but handles the whole house work impeccably. Every one is dependant on her but except for her brother and mother no one really values her importance. Her mother has a sole aim of getting a good, well educated boy drawing a good salary for Archana. Because of this Archana’s marriage plans have always been full of obstacles. Simultaneously runs the story of boy Sushant; a garage owner; who gets besotted by Archana on the very first sight. Destiny and circumstances make his marriage proposal reach archana but to be accepted he has to lie about his credentials, which because of unavoidable situations he does. The marriage takes place but the moment Archana comes to know about the lie she refuses to go with Sushant. The story continues from here – what remains to be seen is what happens to Archana who inspite of being married does not go to stay with her husband, will the two people who are made for each other ever come together?

Ankita Lokhande.

Role:Archana Karanjkar

Archana is the main lead of the show. She isn't educated and that's why she doesn't get any marriage proposals. Even though she is not educated well she is still a woman people would die for. Her mother wants a boy for her who is rich and can give Archana all the facilities she wants. She respects her elders.

Sushant Rajput.

Role:Manav Deshmukh

Manav is a handsome mechanic who works all day to earn money for his family. He is in love with Archana. He is a guy who has respect for his parents. He is not rich and he is a person who has no dreams. All his dreams are to be able to support his family financially. He is the only one that earns money in his family, so he has a lot of stress.

Prabhat Bhattacharya.

Role:Ajit Lokhande

Ajit (Prabhat Bhattacharya) is Manjusha's brother and Rasika's younger son. Ajit is stubborn, greedy and selfish by nature. Ajit can go to any extent to achieve his goal, even if it means hurting anyone. Ajit cheated was in love with Archana's friend Swati but dumped her for another girl, lured by her father's wealth. However, his act was exposed following which the bride's family called off the marriage. Angered at the incident, Ajit vowed revenge and decided to teach Archana a lesson.


Role:Vandita Deshmukh

Damodar and Savita's second child, Vandita is very close to Manav and loves him a lot. She respects Manav for the effort he takes to earn money for the family. Her love is reciprocated in equal measure by Manav.

Savita Prabhune.

Role:Sulochana Karanjkar

Kishor Mahabole.

Role:Manohar Karanjkar

Manohar Karanjkar is a retired TC of railways.He is a very practical guy and often disagrees with his wife over their children's future.

Prag Tyagi.

Role:Vinod Karanjikar

Manohar and Sulochana's eldest child, Vinod (Parag Tyagi) is protective about Archana, Varsha and Vaishali. Vinod is employed with a ticket checker (TC) in the Indian Railways. Vinod is kind and humble by nature, unlike his wife Manjusha. Vinod doesn't approve Manjusha's attitude but suffers in silence to maintain peace in the family.

Swati Anand.

Role:Manjusha Karanjikar

Vinod's selfish and egotistic wife, Manjusha (Swati Anand) has no respect for her in-laws. Hailing from a rich family, Manjusha considers the Karanjikars inferior and leaves no opportunity to insult them. Manjusha hates contributing to the household chores. Employed with the Income Tax department, Manjusha wants to move out of the Dombivli residence of Karanjikars along with Vinod and their daughter Purnima. She hates Archana and believes that the family gives her undue importance. Manjusha often insults Archana for not being able to find a suitable husband.

Priya Marathe.

Role:Varsha Karanjikar

Manohar and Sulochana's second daughter, Varsha (Priya Marathe) is opinionated and has a tendency to shoot her mouth. Her statements have often caused hurt to others in the family. She is dismissive about Archana's sacrifice for them. Like her younger sister, Vaishali, Varsha too shares the feeling that Sulochana loves Archana more than her.