When the saptarishi constellation falls in place, Dr Charak, an
astronomer, scientist, and philosopher knows the time has come for him
to find the descendants of the saptarishi or seven sages. 'Seven', is
the story of the search for the seven descendants and their journey of
discovering their real capabilities. Meet Asmin, Hriday, Varya,
Haryaksh, Mastishk, Eklavya, and Drishika, who have what it takes to
save the world. The unique powers they possess are complimented with
their different mindset, learning and outlook in life. Dr Charak, the
guru must now bring seven such distinct personalities under one roof
and fulfill the Ashwamedha prophecy - a secret that will give great
power to the person who unravels it, before Asht – the master of evil
and Dr. Charak's rival decodes it.

A journey of heroism, love,
desire, sacrifice, oneness, and love! Watch out for the biggest battle
where victory is not pre-decided, and 'good over evil' is not the
obvious truth. It's not about coming together and winning over the
evil. It's about survival!

Sharma Sikander.


who is an orphan and brought up by a doctor. She has been given a task to look out for people who have special powers and train them.”

Rakesh Bapat.


Helps Shunya.


The one who can control nature Varya, the most intense, emotionally volatile, having mood swings, puts people before she puts herself. She is blessed with the power of controlling the nature. Unlike Asmin or Drishika, Varya believes in giving people the benefit of doubt. She has patience, and acts as a fair judge. She is mysterious; she is indulgent, but indifferent to wrong-doings.

Nusrat Bharucha.


The one who can see the future Mastishk’s fraternal twin, Drishika is petite looking, vulverable, soft-spoken and very dainty. Highly expressive Drishika is the one can foresee… one who can predict the future. Her eyes are living proof of compassion and consideration. She’s outspoken yet measures her words, dreamy yet rooted… a perfect epitome of being ladylike.

Shirrin Faarooq.


‘The one who can heal herself’ A blend of bold and beautiful, Asmin, is the girl who can never get hurt as she heals herself. Athletic yet gentle, sparkling eyes with immense conviction, Fierce and impatient are some of the quickest words to describe the girl with a distinct style of speaking, and rhythmic sense of combat.

Himanshu Malhotra.


The one who can create and throw fire Wise, man of few words, critical, and the oldest of the Seven, Haryaksh is gifted with the power of creating and casting fire anywhere. Though adept and alert, he is unpredictable, and his animosity is evident at times. He is not the one to socialize, discuss, derive a consensus or wait for any unanimous decision. He is the concluder of any fight or battle.

Shivam Sood


The one who can move at supersonic speeds Meet the boy from the woods, with an impregnable speed that makes him untraceable when he moves. Although shy but easily adaptable; Eklavya sees the world in black and white, and nothing in between. His loyalties run strong and anger cuts deep. His combat skills are the most graceful and his movements endure the fight longer.

Rashool Tondon.


The one who can fly Sensitivity has another name, Hriday. Childlike, easily hurt, completely pampered Hriday was overwhelmed to know that he has the superpower to fly. Hriday unlike others is capable of getting influenced, until his stubbornness wraps his logic safely. He loves company, and is quite curious about almost everything around him making him the ‘question thrower’.

Maherzan Mazda.


The one who can read minds Mastishk is regular college ‘hottie’ with supernatural powers of reading people’s mind. Angelic face, baby-smile, great physique and a mischief maker, Mastishk is very popular among the girls. But his serious undertones complimented by sorted looks, calm face; peaceful appearance makes him a completely mysterious and blessed person.