Sukh By Chance.

Sukh by Chance is the story of today's middle class Gujarati joint family. The said family lives contain full life with the minimum financial requirements.

One day by chance they discover that someone has deposited Rs.3 crores in their bank account. 
And the drama unfolds and we see the changing faces of human kind. This will be depicted in a humorous way.

Along with the main track several other interesting tracks will be woven dramatically. Apart from this, there will be an under current track which will deal with the eternal conflict between the system of arranged marriage and love marriage. This will be shown in a humorous and funny way. This is the story of Mehta family and how they get involved in to the comic- bizarre situations.

Ketkie. J.


Daughter of Dhiraj and Kokila (actually Ashwin’s daughter, but adopted since she was six months old, and the elders in family have well hidden this secret from her. In fact, they left their native town and came to Mumbai so as to protect Tina from the ugly past of her father). Cute, bubbly, vivacious- with a mind of her own. Likes to relish every little happiness in life. Her Takiya Kalaam could be –Sukh by chance milta hai, aur chance kabhi chhodna nahi chahiye! Just given the final exam of B.A. and is not sure of what to do further in life, family could be at crossroads of whether she should study further or get married off in a couple of years Is a materialistic girl, loves the vivid pictures of a ‘good life’ about which she reads in society magazines. She buys old magazines from raddi walas to check out the latest fashions and then has cheap copies made by her tailor. She believes that money is money and there’s nothing like good or bad money. She never agrees with the philosophy of bade papa Mohanbhai She is the blue eyed girl of the family, the only daughter and therefore gets away with almost anything. Sometimes the boys even feel jealous of her as Mohanbhai loves her more than any of them. She is a sensitive, young woman, and wants to make everyone happy. She pities her mother for the hard work she has to do, but at the same time is not too inclined to help her. She is sympathetic towards her father, but really looks up to Mohanbhai Her dream is to live a life surrounded by luxuries and banishing her family’s hardships.

Sanjeev Jogtiyani.

Role:Mohanlal Mehta

Eldest brother and patriarch, husband of Sarla, father of Amit and Bhavin Probably dropped out of college when his parents died, has worked hard in his clerical job in export-import firm of jewellers to support the joint family He is straight-forward, moralistic, honest, believes firmly that only hard earned money can give happiness. Bit of disciplinarian, the family is in awe of him. Is a fun –lover too as he’s seen playing antakshari with kids. He walks with a brisk pace, has habit of saving money by switching off lights, squeezing toothpastes till the last molecule etc. He is not comfortable using electronic gadgets like cell phones. Some of his family members feel that he is a miser. But reality is that he does not have enough money. He loves his family. He also enjoys a good rapport with his wife Sarla. Generally he confides everything in her. He loves Tina very much (daughter of Dhiraj-Kokila) and Tina also loves bade papa more than any one in her life. It is his dream to keep his family intact and live in a joint family for ever. Visual image: Middle class man, could have specs, could be wearing dhoti-kurta, or dark coloured trousers and shirts.

Shyan Pathak.

Role:Dhiraj Mehta

Middle brother among the Mehtas, Kokila’s husband, father of Tina and Montu He assists his wife Kokila in the business of making ‘farsaans’ (savory snacks) at home Hen-pecked husband. Timid, can never speak against his dominating wife. Is slow paced – never in a hurry for anything, perfectionist, interested in idle chatter and can give advice about anything under the sun. He is also interested in mechanics, and does all the small repair work around home or supervises the professionals doing it. Kind of a handy man at home to assist all the women folk during the day He is a compulsive spender, can be lured easily by any financial scheme, eg. inquires all details of credit cards on phone, even though he can never have one Is a caring man, shows his love for family by doing small things for them, and sometimes, even if he buys something small, he feels proud to have contributed to the household. The family does not take him seriously, but still all are affectionate towards him He loves his daughter Tina very much but knows that she is closer to Mohanbhai than him. Has no regrets about it. He does not have any dreams and can’t think beyond his wife’s imagination!

Anuj Thakur.


Older son of Sarla and Mohan, brother of Bhavin He studies in the last year of MBBS, is a bright student and all the hopes for the bright future of his family rest on him. As a result, he is serious for his age, passionate about his studies, is a practical and sober young man. His family members feel that he is intelligent and one day he will bring lots of happiness to the family. He detests financial hardships, but his family does not allow him to work part-time as it could affect his studies. He still helps all the younger kids in family in their studies He some times avoids or ignores family matters. He is not close to his father and he strongly feels that his father Mohanbhai, cares more for his cousins’ needs than his. He is close to his uncle Rajesh. He also shares a great rapport with his cousin Tina. Together, the trio can sometimes plan pranks or think of bending the rules set by Mohanbhai. Amit’s dream is to become a very successful surgeon and one day to take his mother in an aeroplane.

Shreya More.

Role:Kokila Mehta

Wife of Dhiraj, mother of Tina and Montu After her husband lost out on several jobs due to his slow behaviour, she has started small ‘grih-udyog’ of manufacturing farsaan with her father’s help. She is domineering by nature, has a loud (almost manly)voice and is therefore misunderstood as being a rude woman. She feels that she is smarter than her husband, yet loves him very much, almost mothers him. She is slightly jealous of Rajni for her beauty and background, always has small tiffs with her or can pass taunting comments on her. But at the same time, she is forgetful and hence dependant on Rajni who has a sharp memory and can remember all of Kokila’s business deals. She respects Sarla and does her bidding, also tries to be in good books of Mohanbhai. Believes that one must fight to get anything, nothing comes easily. She loves Tina for her spunk, while Tina often feels embarrassed of her loud-toned mother. At times, Kokila can be harsh with Montu, because she does not want him to become like Dhiraj. Her Takiya kalaam is - Mujhe jeevan main kya sukh mila? Her dream is to have her own Farsaan shop some day.

Bharti Patil.

Role:Sarlaa Mehta

Wife of Mohan, mother of Amit and Bhavin, she is almost like a mother to both her younger brothers-in-law and their wives. She is the pillar of the family and all prefer approaching Mohanbhai through her She is warm, affectionate, has a nice motherly look, is sensitive, happy-go-lucky, talkative, she always needs someone around her. She is hard working, and generally so sleep-deprived that she falls asleep whenever she gets a chance during the day –in between chores, in between conversations… Believes a lot in destiny and generally follows in her husband’s footsteps. Does not interfere in any one’s life except his elder son Amit, as she has great dreams for him. Her Takiya Kalaam could be – hoga to kaam aayega! (for every little thing she stores. She could be a hoarder- e.g. she has collected all the shirts that Rajesh outgrew and hands them out to Amit and rest of boys when they grow ) She loves all the kids of the family, is closer to Rajni than Kokila

Upasana Shukla.

Role:Rajni Mehta

Wife of Rajesh, mother of Neel, daughter of a rich family Is pretty, docile, caring and a soft-spoken woman, easily charms all around her. Gets along very well with Sarla bhabhi, gets flustered with Kokila’s behaviour but tries to avoid tiffs; the kids like her, but she is a little timid by nature and does not join Amit, Tina and at times Rajesh, in going against family rules She belongs to a rich family, never worked in her maayka and hence is not good at household chores or cooking, but she is very diligent and sincere. Mohanbhai is proud of her that, in spite of her wealthy background and her education, she is down to earth. (May be he takes pride in the fact that a bahu of his family can also use computers) Her modest ambition is to support her joint family in whatever way she can. Personally, she also yearns for another child, but out of practical reasons, she has buried that dream in her heart. Does not miss the luxuries she had before and seems more content in whatever they have more than Rajesh himself.

Ujjwal Chopra.

Role:Rajesh Mehta

Youngest brother of Mehta family, husband of Rajni, father of Neel. Had a love marriage with Rajni, and her family has still not accepted him whole heartedly. Is a pleasant looking, jovial and ambitious man. Did his graduation from a good college, works as a salesman marketing water-purifiers from door-to-door. He has a habit of calling up Rajni every hour or-so in a day. He feels that he has seen more of the world than others. He is impressed with the life style of the rich and famous and always talks about them – describes, to other family members, the homes of rich people. He also dreams of living in one such home some day. He is diplomatic and is practical when it comes to the well being of his family. Some times he become self centered. Happily married, he has a boy of 6 years, they want another child but are not planning one due to space & money problem. He believes that all happiness in this world can be had by money Fond of food and always drops something on his clothes while eating. He loves his wife very much, has a complex that he is not able to give happiness to her due to financial constraints. He is close to Amit and Tina. He respects his brother but is closer Sarla bhabhi It is his ambition to have a spacious house, where his entire family lives happily

Krishna Bharadwaj.


Mohanlal Mehta(who is the eldest in the family believes that money earned only by hard means brings happiness)