Crazy about the boy you are dating and want to make things better? Take it from us—tips and tricks to keep you on your toes, and ensure you get good lovin'.
 Don't sleep with a guy on the first date if you want the best shot at a future with him. You risk being put into the onenight-stand category.

2. When a man tells you he isn't looking 'for commitment', repeat it to a friend. This will force you to accept he means it.

3. Never pretend to be into his hobbies. Your true colours will come out.

4. Enjoy the moment when you're on a date — that means no worrying if he's The One by date four. Just have fun!

5. Spend equal — if not more — time with your friends in the first few months of dating. Guys often rush into a relationship, then suddenly cry, "This is moving too fast!" You have to apply the brakes.

6. Keep things light for at least three months before deciding to progress to a serious relationship. You need a minimum of 90 days to even begin to know what someone is really like.


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    February 2010



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